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The Kapoor Method: Crafting Triumph in Your Startup Journey

In a recent gathering of aspiring founders, Rakesh Kapoor, the former Global CEO of Reckitt Benckiser, shared invaluable insights drawn from his extensive experience in the corporate world. His wisdom holds particular significance for early-stage entrepreneurs who are navigating the complex landscape of business establishment and growth. Let's delve into some of the key takeaways from his discourse.


Mastering Decision Making

One of the fundamental aspects Kapoor highlighted is the art of decision-making. He advocated for distinguishing between reversible and irreversible decisions. When it comes to reversible choices, such as operational matters or certain marketing strategies, he emphasised the importance of swiftness. On the other hand, Kapoor suggested a deliberate approach for irreversible decisions, like major investments or foundational shifts.

For instance, he drew a comparison between packaging and advertising decisions. While both are crucial, Kapoor noted that packaging decisions can be incredibly challenging to reverse due to their integration into the manufacturing process. On the contrary, advertising strategies allow for more flexibility. If a campaign doesn't yield the anticipated results, reallocating parts of the advertising budget remains a viable option.

The Art of Hiring


Kapoor's perspective on hiring talent was equally enlightening. He urged founders to seek individuals who possess an owner's mindset rather than a purely professional one. In his view, professionals often focus on building their resumes, while owners are dedicated to building the very foundation of the company.

Using the analogy of a restaurant business facing competition, Kapoor underscored the contrasting approaches of professionals and owners. An owner, he pointed out, would be deeply concerned about tackling the competition and strategizing solutions. In contrast, a professional might view the new competition as an opportunity for personal gain, such as negotiating a raise.

Crafting the Company's Identity

In the realm of company building, Kapoor stressed the significance of defining the identity of the organisation. He encouraged founders to answer pivotal questions that guide the company's trajectory:

- Who are we as a company?

- What values and behaviours do we want our leaders to embody?

- What criteria dictate our hiring and firing decisions?

According to Kapoor, defining this identity is merely the first step; the subsequent challenge lies in consistently living by these defined principles.

Looking Ahead:12 Flags Venture Capital Fund

Beyond his insights, Kapoor has embarked on a new venture, 12 Flags - a venture capital fund with a consumer-focused approach. This fund is geared towards supporting businesses that address critical consumer needs while requiring patient capital for sustained growth. For startups engaged in solving pressing problems within the B2C landscape, Kapoor's 12 Flags could prove to be a valuable resource.

In conclusion, Rakesh Kapoor's wisdom, gained through his esteemed tenure in the corporate world, offers a guiding light for early-stage founders. From decisive choices to trans formative hiring and the creation of a steadfast company identity, his insights serve as a compass in the intricate journey of entrepreneurship.


Special appreciation goes to Rajesh and the diligent HustleHub team for orchestrating this insightful session.



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